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The key to China's manufacturing towards "quality" and "intelligence": structural reform of supply side

The Chinese economy is made from the past cost - dependent China to the national brand representing the world's advanced productive forces and the "quality" of China with the support of the State - owned technology, thus further realizing China's "intelligence", represented by the electronic commerce and advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

In the nineteen major report of the party, comrade Xi Jinping clearly put forward the grand development strategy of China's economy in the next thirty years, especially emphasizing the important role that the structural reform of the supply side plays in the construction of a socialist modern power in China in the future.

At present, the great environment of the world economy has also brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of China's economy. On the one hand, the global economy has entered a long period of low valley stage. Its specific feature is the supply of goods and services based on the past international division of labor and the "global value chain", which has already appeared market demand. In order to find the symptoms of saturation, the effect of excessive use of monetary policy in developed countries to improve the vitality of the market is also very limited, and even the sequelae of excessive volatility in asset prices have seriously affected the innovation motivation and investment will of domestic enterprises; on the other hand, some developed countries have put the spear of their own economic development out of balance. Shield, in the way of trade protectionism to the global economic system of multilateral cooperation, mutual benefit, mutual benefit and mutual benefit needed by the world economic prosperity, many developing countries, including developed countries, have highly recognized that the strong Chinese economy is the important guarantee of the world economy to prosperity, and is also highly concerned and anticipate that China is in the right place. We have accomplished the tasks of the supply side structural reform and achieved excellent results in a down-to-earth manner.

As we all know, China is now the world's largest open country for trade and investment. China has already spread all over the world, affecting the lives and investment ways of hundreds of millions of families and enterprises. China has also found the powerful driving force of our modern urbanization, industrialization and urbanization from the driving force of China's manufacturing. Of course, it is undeniable that the changes in the external environment are not a small challenge for China, which has been highly integrated into economic globalization. And the policy bonus that the local government seeks to release from the growth of GDP is being challenged by various aspects. The past cost advantage to win the global market (demand) has no longer exist, and it is urgent to speed up the structural reform of the supply side. Through the reform of state-owned and state-owned assets, to create private and foreign companies to participate in the PPP cooperation and win-win market platform, and give full play to the positive role of driving Chinese bring open strategy The Belt and Road initiative under the inside and outside wheel, the China economy from the past cost dependent Chinese manufacturing to represent the advanced productive forces world The national brand and the state-owned technology support China "quality" made, thus further to achieve the electronic commerce and advanced equipment manufacturing industry as the representative of China "wisdom".

In order to make such a leap, we can neither promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation as the Western supply school emphasizes the fair competition and the fittest, which will lead to the winner to eat, the weaker the Matthew effect, which is the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States and the loss of regional development. The reason for the balance is. Nor do we follow the unsustainable European welfare to mobilize social motivation, which can only bring on the debt crisis that impedes economic vitality and the lack of innovative lazy society.  Rational approach is that, on the basis of a thorough summary of the serious defects in the operation of the market economy in developed countries, and on the basis of China's national conditions and the differences in the development stage, the top design of the Chinese dream of the powerful and rich people of a powerful country is designed, in the "quality priority, the extension of the land contract years, and the management and control of the financial systemic risk." The new model of the structural reform of the supply side of Chinese characteristics is to be stepped out from the aspects of the opening of the open market of the free trade area, the reform of the regulatory system of the ecological environment, the establishment of a more effective national supervision system for the anti-corruption and the clean and clean government, and the improvement of the assessment and evaluation mechanism of cadres.

The key to the smooth progress of the supply side structural reform lies in the micro foundation represented by the competitiveness of enterprises and the efficiency of financial services. For this reason, we should overcome the market pressure of rising cost and consumption saturation in the following aspects.

First of all, through the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises and state capital to ensure the improvement of corporate governance, the good results of the performance and quality indicators such as labor productivity and other quality indicators have been improved by the good cards of human resources and financial resources in the hands. We should not only pay attention to the market mechanism of equity incentive and salary incentive to activate the competitiveness of the enterprises, so as to obtain the agreement of management, post staff, large and small shareholders, and the internal and external customers, but also to cultivate the common sense of corporate and social responsibility that the interests community should shoulder. This is the key to the success of China's "quality" construction. HUAWEI, Alibaba and Tencent have laid a good example for Chinese enterprises in this respect.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the focus of business, give full play to the spirit of entrepreneurs, and allow the society to identify the market position established by brand, technology and first-class service. Therefore, the development of enterprises should not only focus on the market share and business profits, but also invest capital in technology, brand and talent.

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