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The coming set of electricity in the summer of summer is actively responding to high temperature weather

In recent days, under the influence of subtropical high, the temperature in this city is rising rapidly. In addition, it has entered the summer season, and the high temperature will also enter the normal high temperature period. In this case, it will ensure the health of the workers, improve the working conditions of the workers, keep the working conditions of the workers and the ring, prevent the heatstroke and the high temperature. In the case of production safety accidents, the whole set of Shanghai electric company is actively preparing for the increasingly hot weather. We have mainly made the following adjustments.

1. Adjust the time of work and rest

In summer, the 7.5 hour work system is carried out, and the working time is advanced from 8:30 in winter to 8:00, and the midday rest is lengthened in the middle, to ensure that the staff have enough nap time and miss the high temperature at noon.

Two, actively improve the working environment of labor

Workshop to strengthen ventilation and cooling measures to ensure that fans and other cooling to meet daily needs. Minimize outdoor work hours or avoid high temperatures, temperatures above 37 degrees, and strictly prohibit outdoor operations from 11:00 to 15:00.

Three, the release of heatstroke drugs

Summer has arrived, the company will provide every member every year for heat - prevention and cooling drugs, such as a variety of heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs, such as the solution of the wetting, the natural gas and the Huxiang Zheng Qi pills, the human Dan, the cool oil and the wind. At the same time, cooling drinks were provided, and the Department provided tea for the Department.

Four, do a good job in internal health and epidemic prevention.

The main purpose is to enhance the on-site hygiene and the hygiene of the staff living area, and organize the relevant personnel to carry out hygienic inspection of the workshop and staff dormitories. We should strengthen the sanitary inspection of the company canteen, control the source of food procurement, strictly implement the food hygiene system, ensure the normal food sources, and avoid the poisoning incidents caused by the food deterioration.

Five. Set up an emergency rescue team in summer

In the company, an emergency team was set up in the summer Defense Department. The emergency team was composed of medical professionals, which mainly dealt with the dizziness, the discomfort of the body, and the early prevention of the possible department. In the course of treatment, the circumstances are mild, depending on the circumstances. If the circumstances are serious, they should be sent to the hospital for medical treatment immediately, so as to ensure the safety of personnel.

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